A fantastic quality front and rear dashcam package.

With true 2K QHD Front and Rear recording, ABSOLUTE parking guard, true live motion detection and speed camera alerts, this dashcam is a hard one to beat for value for money!

One of the most advanced Dash cameras on the current market, quickly leaving it’s known UK competitors in it’s shadow.

FineVu GX1000 - Dashcam Bundle
FineVu GX1000 - EV and Hybrid Compatible Dashcam
FineVu GX1000 - EV and Hybrid Compatible Dashcam
FineVu GX1000 - 2K QHD Rear Camera
FineVu GX1000 - Stylish Design

2K QHD Front Camera

2K QUAD HD forward facing dash camera with recording of 2560 x 1440 @ 30fps.

122° wide-angle lens, 5.1M pixels, SONY Exmor R STARVIS Image Sensor.

This front dash camera has a very compact design and can be placed in a discreet location in the front windscreen, matching any modern interior.

FineVu GX1000 Dash Cam Front Image
The front dash camera including it’s mount is only 96.5mm across and 70mm in height, weighing in at only 114g!

Due to it’s size, this enables the dashcam to be placed neatly behind your rear view mirror and out of your line of sight.

Wedged shaped in design, it is installed at the angle of the windscreen, therefore does not obstruct your field of view.

An additional bonus is the absence of an LCD screen.

Unlike other older conventional dash cameras, it simply has small lights to alert you to it’s charging and recording state, thus no distractions!

To view live footage or historic footage, you simply connect the mobile app to the dash camera.

This quality of footage will certainly capture number plates, accidents and any other incidents you wish to view with superior clarity.

2K QHD Rear Camera

Rear window camera with the same recording quality as the front dashcam.

The rear dash camera can be placed in a discreet location in the rear window.

FineVu GX1000 Rear Dash Camera

With the inclusion of it’s mount, this rear dashcam is only 46.85mm across and 36.5 in height, weighing in at a miniscule 23g!

Having rear dash cam footage can significantly reduce the time taken for insurance claims, as evidence can be provided straight away, resulting in less time taken for investigations.

Speed Camera Alerts

This feature fully supports geographical details of the entire United Kingdom.

Notifications for SEVEN different traffic enforcement camera types around the U.K are provided to the driver on approach.

Accurate location information is obtained via the dash camera’s built in GPS.

An audible warning is given in advance. Such as “Speed camera ahead”.

In addition, the driver is also alerted if entering a known mobile speed camera enforcement area or if a red light camera is in operation.

FineVu GX1000 Dash Cam with Speed Camera Alerts
Camera Type: Fixed Speed
Enforcement Purpose: Speed Limit
Description: A permanently positioned camera enforcing the posted speed limit of the road.

Camera Type: Average Speed
Enforcement Purpose: Speed Limit
Description: A permanently positioned system of two or more cameras enforcing the posted speed limit of the road between each camera location.

Camera Type: Red Light Only
Enforcement Purpose: Red Light
Description: A permanently positioned camera enforcing the red-light phase of a traffic light at the stop line.

Camera Type: Red & Speed
Enforcement Purpose: Red Light & Speed Limit
Description: A permanently positioned camera enforcing the red-light phase of a traffic light at the stop line as well as the posted speed limit of the road at all times.

Camera Type: Mobile Zone
Enforcement Purpose: Speed Limit
Description: An area of regular enforcement for the posted speed limit of the road using portable equipment. There may or may not be some infrastructure present such as hard standing, a layby or sensors in the road surface. Such zones may cover several locations through a village or along a road as a single zone alert.

Camera Type: Temporary Speed
Enforcement Purpose: Speed Limit
Description: A location where a camera is in position on a non-permanent basis. A housing or permanent base may be evident of the location such cameras are placed.

Camera Type: Variable
Enforcement Purpose: Speed Limit
Description: A permanently positioned camera enforcing the speed limit of the road as indicated by speeds as displayed on signage present. This may be set speeds at times of day or a constant variation based on traffic levels.

Note: Never rely on technology to inform you if you are speeding. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure safe driving.

Live Motion Detection

Live Motion Detection is where either the front or rear camera detects movement in front of the camera, such as someone walking down your driveway or sneaking around your vehicle!

A potential vandal does not even need to touch the vehicle, although the camera system will still turn on, record, and capture them in action.

FineVu GX1000 Dash Camera with Live Motion Detection

More or less just like having CCTV in your vehicle.

At night, a security LED is present as a deterrent if the Motion Detection is activated, although this light can be turned off via the app if desired.

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Absolute Parking Guard

Most other dash cameras with Parking Mode record once the impact has been detected.

Meaning they did not actually capture the impact, only the aftermath.

FineVU GX1000 Dashcam Absolute Parking Guard

The FineVu GX1000 Absolute Parking Guard feature, secures 10 seconds of footage BEFORE the impact detection PLUS 10 seconds AFTER the impact.

A vital 20 seconds of the full incident scene in true 2K quality both front and rear.

Smartphone App

Connecting the FineVu GX1000 Dash Camera to the Smartphone App really is child’s play.

 It’s just so easy and simple!

All major functions of the dash camera are easy to use, such as viewing footage, live streaming of video, downloading recorded footage and if you wish, firmware updates.

FineVu GX1000 Dash Camera with Smartphone App

A complete technical novice would have no issues connecting to the dash camera and navigating the app.

Smart AI Heat Monitoring

If the FineVu GX1000 Dashcam starts to overheat whilst in parking mode, the AI will automatically switch it to Power Saving Parking Mode.

Once the dash cam has cooled down and the temperature stabilises, AI will switch it back to Motion Parking Mode.

Althouhg the UK typically has cooler weather, this feature can be a great advantage on some occasions during our hot summer months.

FineVu GX1000 Dash Camera - Smart AI Heat Monitoring

* This feature is only applicable during motion/time lapse parking mode.

Front Vehicle Motion Alert

Front Vehicle Motion Alert (FVMA) lowers the risk of accidents by warning the driver of potential road hazards.

As an example, when you pull up in traffic lights, some drivers do not pay attention to when the lights have now turned back to green.

FineVu GX1000 - Front Vehicle Motion Alert

As soon as you pull up behind another car, FVMA takes a note of this.

Once the car in front sets off, this movement is detected.

Subsequently the dashcam notifies you that the car in front has moved by playing an audible sound.

Lane Departure Warning System

An alert is triggered if your vehicle veers into another driving lane whilst in motion.

This is an additional safety feature to aid in preventing you falling asleep for instance, and drifting over into other lanes.

This setting can be disabled via the Smartphone App if you wish.

FineVu GX1000 Dash Cam - Lane Departure Warning System

Prolonged Recording Time


Consuming 98% less power, the FineVu GX1000 records 2,325 hours more than standard parking mode.

FineVu GX1000 Dashboard Camera - Prolonged Parking Mode

* The number of recording-standby hours is based on maximum hours provided until low voltage cut-off initiates.
* Depending on the dashcam’s power consumption, environmental factors, and the vehicle’s battery condition, actual recording standby hours may vary.

What’s In The Box

FineVu GX1000 Dashcam - Whats in the box

Technical Data


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